The Fidatj Card is issued free of charge by Cardeto wine bars when the customer has filled out and signed the application form, and can be used by the cardholder or by someone in his family. The card remains the property of Cardeto, does not expire, and is available for all individuals aged 18 years or older.
The card is not available for VAT holders making purchases for commercial use. The card is valid in all of our wine bars, and must be presented to the cashier before a tax receipt has been issued and is not transferable. The Cardeto Company has the right to modify the allocation of points at any time in accordance with any new initiatives it intends to put into place.
Upon reaching the first two levels (100 and 200 points), the Fidatj cardholder has the ability to take advantage of rewards and discounts, or continue to accumulate points up to the maximum of 1200 points. The rewards and points accumulated on one card may not be transferred to another card. The holder may forfeit the Fidatj Card at any time, without any obligation, by returning the card to the wine bar where it was issued.
In case of loss or theft, the cardholder must immediately notify Cardeto in writing. Until such notification is given, Cardeto can in no way be held responsible for improper use of the card by a third party. The cardholder also agrees to inform the wine bar issuing the card of any changes to his or her personal contact information.