Rupestro (Tin)



Extra virgin olive oil


Olive variety Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo
Olive groves Located in the best zones of Orvieto

Layout of the groves (6,00 x 6,00)
Cultivation system Monocytes and potted polyconic
Average age of the trees 12 years

Type           Volcanic and sedimentary
Management           Complete grassing over
Altitude           300 meters above sea level
Time of harvest Between November 15th and December 15th

Olives 70 q/ha
Oil 950 l/Ha

Pressing Pieralisi double grid
Crushing 40 minutes in a double basin
Extraction Cold extraction with a two-phase decanter
Decantation Filter boxes
Bottling Immediately following filtration
Organoleptic characteristics

Color Golden yellow with green tinges
Aroma Lovely notes of almonds and freshly cut grass
Flavor Smooth and harmonious
Suggestions from the producer

Pairings Perfect for all dressings—best used uncooked
Preservation In a cool place protected from light and heat