CARDETO IS vineyards, people, flavors.
CARDETO IS the expression of the land.
CARDETO IS the offspring of tradition.
CARDETO IS the exponent of quality.
CARDETO IS hospitality.
CARDETO IS made up of people.
CARDETO IS for everyone.
CARDETO IS Orvieto, and the evocative force of this town perched on top of the cliff is extraordinary and memorable.
It is the essence of the land and the image of a scenery recognized all over the world. A classic image, revisited with a modern slant, so as to give the labels of CARDETO wines a timeless continuity. A new image created through a series of labels present anew the community of Orvieto from a historical viewpoint, designed with elegance, richness, and refinement. Each label is only one piece of a fascinating mosaic that, when put together, composes an image of the city of Orvieto as it was depicted in a historic print from the 1500’s, in which the details highlighted in gold show the places which are the most interesting to visit. The back label is embellished with anecdotes, trivia, and insights related to the city of tuff and its history, bringing added joy to the moment of tasting and decorating the bottles, which already house exceptional contents, with a final touch of elegance.