The territory

The characteristic landscape of volcanic origins, the impressive cliffs of tuff, the rolling hills, and the intense greenery of the Orvieto countryside are very striking both to the mind and to the eye. An uncontaminated panorama where the dense woods convey the feeling of a maternal and generous nature, who every year offers us the gifts of her precious fruits. In this rich and thriving land, man’s efforts have skillfully and patiently cultivated the soil year after year, showing off one of Orvieto’s symbolic talents: wine growing.

Typicality and richness

 This is Umbria’s heritage and the heart of CARDETO. The wine becomes the protagonist of an age-old story, in which the passion and dedication of the members and their families have made Cardeto become a great performer in the production of high quality wines. The soul of our wines is found in our vineyards, selected with great care and perfectly maintained throughout each season of the year in order to grow the best grapes for refined winemaking. And thus, each harvest is transformed into an event, a tough challenge which makes us constantly strive for the best in order to achieve perfection and make Cardeto symbolic of our region.