Matile Bianco

Wine type

White wine




Trebbiano, Grechetto, Sauvignon




12.5% vol

Main aroma



Soft straw, is a cheerful and lively wine, pleasantly fruity. Excellent aperif, great with fried vegetable and summer fish appetizers. To be served at a temperature of 8°.


"“Matile” comes from the type of soil of the vineyards from which we produce the wines included in Matile Range: Matile rosa, Matile bianco, Matile Rosso, Matile Orvieto. The name “Matile” comes from Middle Ages, even if some people think that comes from Estruscan “Papile” that means something able to light. In fact this kind of soil contains volcanic materials (silicate) that shines at the sunshine. This kind of soil is yellowish, very hard but also very friable after the breaking up, very rich of potassium and micro elements. From vineyards planted in this soils, we get white wines fresh, with remarkable acidity and a distinctive minerals and fruit aromas. Also the matile rosè and red, offer fruity aromas and flavors, with a persistent mineral underlay."

Data Sheet

Wine type White wine
Style Dry
Grapes Trebbiano, Grechetto, Sauvignon
Appellation UMBRIA IGP
Alcohl 12.5% vol
Vintage available 2019
Region Umbria
Main aroma fruity
Nose seductive nose with memories of hawthorn flowers and fruit perceptions of apple and pear
Taste slightly petillant with great freshness and well-balanced flavors
Food match as aperitif or Great with vegetable fried and summer fish appetizers
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