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About us

The pay-off “Vineyards, People, Flavors” is the essence of Cardèto, an historical cooperative of vineyards growers who, with wisdom and tradition, cultivate their vineyards, an integral part of the identity of this land, to produce the wine that has always been the protagonist of the history and culture of Orvieto territory. A great bond between the territory, its products and farmers, which is also expressed through our institutional brand: the 4 bottles of Cardeto wines line of the city, side by side represent the city of Orvieto of a 1500s print. The cooperative was founded on August 30, 1949 as the Wine Cooperative for the Orvieto area (CO.VI.O) and had its headquarters in Orvieto Scalo. In 1991 the new building was completed, inaugurated and put into operation in the hamlet of Sferracavallo. In 2004 the great new enopoly was completed and the following year the Cooperative changed its name to “Cantina Cardeto“, from the ancient hemp carding activity, which was carried out in the area of the new cellar.

The Cellar

Cardèto is today one of the most important wine- cooperative in Umbria that do the vinification of the grapes of about 80 growing members, who cultivate about 500 hectares of vineyards. Structured as a cooperative, Cardèto is managed as a company with a project organization and vision oriented to the production of quality wines. Main aim is to offer “quality wines at an extremely competitive price“, both in our Shops and to our importing customers and distributors. Cardeto wines are currently sold in the two Cardeto Shops (in Orvieto scalo and Terni) with about 14,000 direct customers, in the two exclusive stores in Rome and Passignano sul Trasimeno, in the national and international GDO, and in about 20 countries around the world thanks to important trading partners.

Our Wines

Cardeto has always been the point of reference in particular for the Classic Orvieto doc, its flagship wine, and has helped to affirm this denomination in the world. From some years the company is following eco-sustainability agricolture and therefore a greater care and attention to the entire production chain, in April 2020 it launched the first line of organic wines.
The company that produces about 3,000,000 bottles, is certified according to the international standards GSFS (Global Standard for Food Safety) and IFS (International Food Standard).

Picco D’Umbria

Picco d’Umbria Srl” is a trading company totally controlled by Cardeto S.c.a.; it  was born in 2005, fully embodying the values of the company from which it was born until it became an integral part of it, with the aim of diversifying the offer of products, in particular wines from the other regions of Italy, productions with private labels and offering bottling services.
Picco d’Umbria bottles the Rupestro, Matile lines, which exports to many countries and wines for different GDO chains.

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